My maiden solo international trip to Bangkok

Bangkok rates highly in the bucket list of solo backpack travellers. It has the vibe of a true cosmopoliton, has a happy mix of culture and modernism and it just breathes 24×7. So, when I, a yet another travel deprived Indian, was counting options for destinations I had not much to choose from.

I booked my flights, stay and dropped some cash in my wallet- that’s about all I needed to travel to the winsome, chaotic, burly capital of Thailand.

Bangkok, solo trip to Bangkok, Bangkok diaries, Girl's solo trip to Bangkok, Indian in Bangkok
Amazingly architected Bangkok city

From buildings, temples, floating markets, clubs, rooftop bars, shopping centres, china town, electronic hub to chilling Buddha, BANGKOK’S got it all.

I did not invest a lot in my hotel room, as I had no intentions for spending time locked inside while the city thrives 24*7! The Petite Wanderess helped me a lot in understanding how to get around the city.

Here’s a compendium for lady solo travellers from India, dedicated to those who take their travel VERY seriously:

  1. Have an itinerary- get clarity on your agenda
  2. Slip into your most comfortable chappals and buckle up- you are entering enormous freedom, you will NOT be judged
  3. If you are comfortable using shared washrooms and are on a budget, book a hostel
  4. Stock up some sanitary napkins- you might not find your favourite ones in Bangkok
  5. A travel lock- yep, for your own peace of mind
  6. Pack light- Bangkok has really reasonable shopping hubs. Nerd Nomads have curated a list of places to add to your list.
  7. The material quality is certainly unsparingly better than Lajapt and Sarojni!
  8. Keep your passport with you, at ALL times
  9. If this is your first solo trip to Bangkok, I recommend walking as much as possible- this will not only explore the infrastructure, you will also get to relate with the culture so much more
  10. Taxi Bikes are a must try- they are the ones with someone sitting on a scooty, with an orange security waistcoat. I wasn’t aware of this until I asked a local to drop me off at Asoke BTS- he did, he didn’t charge me a penny. Eventually, I embarrassingly figured he was not a member of the scooter crew as he blatantly denied any money “for you, free”
Bangkok scooter ride, Bangkok scooter, Indian in Bangkok, Solo travel to Bangkok, thatexpeditioner

Bangkok offered EVERYTHING my touristy soul longed for – exploring a new country, exceeding my daily step count (walked for miles and miles, all smiles), gorging on to the beauty of the little boats (as I call them),  street wandering, club hopping, shopping and collecting souvenirs.

Bangkok, Pratunam Market, Bangkok tourist, World Tourism Day
Mesmerising Bangkok at it’s best

Being a Delhiite, I couldn’t pamper my taste buds with a lot, except the best CHEESY Fries and a lot of McDonalds. Thai cuisine is hands down not my calling 😦

McDonalds, McDonalds Bangkok, junk food in Bangkok, Fast food in Bangkok, solo travel to Bangkok, Indian traveller, thatexpeditioner
Loading up on CARBS!!

Wandering through the streets of Asoke, I came across the Bangkok Exchange Tower- discovered the architecture fan within!

exchange tower Bangkok, Bangkok travel, Bangkok tourism, solo travel, India to Bangkok
That fountain, that attention to detail- The Exchange Tower

Once the shopaholic was back to her room, EVERY purchase was tried on, cuz club hopping bruh!

Rooftop bars, breathtaking view, perfect weather, great dress- all set for Octave Rooftop Lounge and Bar, Marriott. Levels upgraded, heart beat elevated- what topped it all was the hospitality- #inlove

octave rooftop bar, Marriott Bangkok, Octave Bangkok, Rooftop bars in Bangkok
45th Floor happiness!

How could I ever miss checking out the State Towers- cuz, Hangover 2 was shot here and what not! Lebua at State Towers is an experience you NEED in your life!

There was a lot I took back from this trip, much more than I had anticipated. Not only I got back a whole new wardrobe, I also-

  1. Fell in love with International travel
  2. Witnessed the fact that a densely populated city has been so well managed and the citizens are just so kind!
  3. Got rid of a lot of my fears like riding two wheels, walking freely on the streets (currently residing in Noida, I know a lot of you can relate)
  4. Walked across the city at 3 AM and nobody blinked an eye! At this point, I openly challenge guys staying in Noida Extension to walk alone at 3 am, on the main roads!
  5. Observed how people are so free and yet, so passionate about their job- I will blog about this, a tale about enjoying the job, loving it, living it!
  6. Visited quite a few 24*7 outlets (7-11), and figured about 98% of the outlets are operated by female staff- #inlove with Women Empowerment
  7. Explored markets with fresh fish, vegetables, Thai food, creams of ice, and everything nice

I will jump off here and let you plan your trip! Go, be RELENTLESSLY awesome! Be FREE! Be YOU!

I dearly thank my better half for making me DO this- thank you for pushing me out the door! For else, I wouldn’t have found my wings!!



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